Aps arizona public services uses a company call NCO to take there over the phone payments, well i made a $414.56 payment saturday when i recieved my aps bill got no comfermation number and hung up on called the3 bank they said nope they took it. so monday i call to see if it was posted to my aps acct.

NO so i call asp nothing they have me call nco. I spend 2 hours on the phone have acct to banhows jackson elk online telling them what it says finally they find it give me a com # i call aps back and enter it, well today still not there so i make all the calls agin guess what NCO sent it to Hows Jackson or something electric company now i am at risk of haveing my electric shut off and NCO tells me well its your fault NOPE SAYS ARIZONA PUBLIC SERVICES on my bank statement and they will have A SURPVISIOUR CALL ME WITH IN 24 TO 48 HOURS AND BECAUSE of there screw up they will NOT remburse me the $5.90 fee to use there jacked up service

Monetary Loss: $421.

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Glendale, Arizona, United States #853065

Paid my APS bill on Friday through this company. The automated system verified my acct number as well as street house number.

Somehow APS did not get payment. I got a shutoff notice and called. APS did not get payment. Thank God I had confirmation #.

Somehow this company posted my payment to another persons account. Probably to their own or a friends account. I find it suspicious that if I gave wrong account number that the house number would not match up and system would reject info.

Got it straightened out quickly because I wrote down the confirmation number.

But who knows what would have happened if I didn't get one or didn't write it down.

This company charges almost $6 to mess up my bill. ***!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #653031

that's one reason why I don't work for nc I work out ks office I was there 10 months fround out night before person who takes there dc or cc out came in tap out everyone with dc abd cc and there checking took payments out and nco pocket 1000 of dollars

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #625431

I assume that Arizona public services is just that, a public service. I find it outrageous that they are exposing their citizens to the shady bunch of *** at NCO Financial.

This is a notorious company with a reputation that is as easy to see as putting their name into google with the words complaints,ripoffs,etc. These people often buy up old debts paying pennies on the dollar and use the ignorance of the public when it comes to third party debt collection.

When they buy credit card debt, they never have the proof to win in court so they try to trick people into paying by phone and/or go for default judgements in court (this is where the defendant doesn't show and the junk debt collector wins a judgement by default). Whoever did not look into the practices of this company before contracting them to work for a public service should be fired immediatly, as I said it takes a simple google search to find out about these scumbags.

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