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I received a phone call from NCO. He stated that if I didn't pay something that they were going to sue me.

I have been out of work for a month and told him as soon as I have some money coming in I will be more than happy to pay my bill. I support three kids with no support. He stated that was my fault. He said that I needed to ask family -to which I have none.

Then proceeded to tell me he thinks that I have money otherwise how in the *** do i support my kids. To which my response was I would like to speak to your supervisor. He asked if i was going to pay my bad debt. I requested the supervisor again.

He then put me on hold and changed his voice.

To which i responded a real supervisor. then he hung up.

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That's horrible!

You have the RIGHT to speak to some1 else if there is a problem with the person you are chatting with.

Debt collectors are trained to ask alot of questions so they can determine where funds are coming from and what is going out. income vs expenses.

They have to ask the questions and you have the right to NOT answer.

If there is alot of hardship TELL THEM!!! Most CC companies have Hardship programs and settlements available. They DON'T have to offer you a settlement if you DON'T ask.

If you want a settlement they want the hardship info to document for theor client why they gave you a settlement.

Also don't *** of the debtg collectors they can revoke settlements and demand the full balance immediately. If you get a settlement get it in WRITING!!!!

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