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terrible compny , manager handled an accnt 4 pyment, Brian Morman nothing was taken care of ..I was harrassed told if I so sick then die. still they called I called back, rude collection reps and no one handle my account as paid this has been 4months and till this day I am still trying to get this taken care of. the reps or cruel and the mananger is unesectable as bussiness was handled, I am calling back and forth daily to make eure that they are doing what they say they are going to do, I have written a letter to the president

Monetary Loss: $3600.

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but yes I did, and also faxed them the information that showing proof of payment I have now just gotton this taken care of recently this year.

Waitsfield, Vermont, United States #10324

Do you have proof the account is paid? If those then I would just dispute the claim with the credit reporting agencies with the proof that I paid and the next time someone called the house and be rude I would curse them out like I was a homicidal maniac with tourettes. :zzz

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