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NCO Financial has been calling for 3 months leaving a threatening message from Chris Hewer stating that they were attempting to collect a debt. Since I am in the fortunate position to own no money to anyone, I was curious.

When I returned the call, Mr. Hewer, apparently does not exist and some arrogant woman wants my phone #, address, and SS#. When I refused that info she acted angry with me. They call everyday with the same recorded message.

I have returned the call at least a dozen times and asked for Mr. Hewer each time, but he is conveniently, "away from his desk." If the government wants to regulate something, well, here it is.

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They are harrassing you. Call a credit law attorny.

you can find them online.

Usually they dont cost you anything. But they get the calls to stop and might even make you money.

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