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Nco calls once a day in violation of the federal law that allows them 2 calls in a 7 day period. The owed is $1000 of a disputed hospital bill which almost killed my wife.

The hospital was paid $85000 by Medicare and insurance and is chasing for another $1000. I would gladly sue NCO if a lawyer wanted the case.

Unfortunately no one ever goes ater these *** bags They can chase forever as my wife is 76 years old,penniless with no assets and we have consulted with Legal Aid and she is Judgement Proof so they can kiss my ***. s.young

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You do have rights under the federal law, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. And we do PURSUE AND SUE these companies that are harassing people.

The great thing is, you get paid damages from NCO (usually around $1,000) and they have to pay your attorney fees also, so you are represented for FREE.

Check out our consumer website at www.micreditlawyer.com or call us toll free at 888-293-2882. We can help you and have successfully sued NCO for many clients.

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