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Upon returning one of the fifteen calls a day I recieve from NCO Financial Services, I was insulted and accused of not being a hard working American.All I was doing was attempting to call and ask them to please stop calling me fifteen times a day. I accknowledge I have debt and am currently unable to pay. Every account with them is for a medical bill that I had occured not like I wasn't paying my mortgage or my car payment.

I asked that they please remove my number because their continuous calls were bordering on harrassment. As I attempted to explain my current financial situation that I currently was unable to find work and my employed wife is waiting to have knee surgery and is unable to work, I was interrupted by a comment that shook me to the core. I quote " I'm so sorry us hard working Americans that are just doing our job are harrassing you. Maybe you should just pay your bills."

Not only was the tone beyond degrading, the continuous "below the belt" comments where more then I could tollerate. I asked to speak to his supervisor and was then informed that he WAS the supervisor. As he continued to interrupt me not allowing me to explain anything at all he informed me that my number would be removed but he couldn't gaurantee me that "My other debt collecters would stop calling".

The only debts I have are medical bills I pay for my house, my car, I put food on my table, and clothes on my child's back. When I was employed we barely made it but I paid for the things that were important the things we needed to survive. And if thats not American I don't know what is. And if this man would have let me speak I would have told him just that.

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