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My last payment of $56.00 was scheduled for 12/12/2012, spoke with NCO and both of us agree'd to the payment being moved to 12/28/2012. Here it is 12/23/2012 and I get a letter from my Credit Alert monitor about NCO applying a Negative report. I have received no communication from this company so I wonder how can they just submit something with no evidence and it be added to your credit report.

Companies like this need be investigated immediately. Thus could ruin a person

Get ready NCO my lawyer will be contacting you.

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If you cant make a 56.00 payment how can you afford YOUR lawyer DEATBEAT??

to Anonymous Winter Park, Florida, United States #599554

Anonymous, At least let us know who you are ***, Read it was still payed in the month due. Mortage is more important, You should know that since you were foreclosed and BK. I like to pay my bills not live on welfare as you crack heads do.

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