NCO financial apparently now holds my student loan. One man identifying himself as Mr.

Gordon said he was with the "department of wage garnishment" and I had to call him back or my wages would be garnished. I make abour $1500 a month yet the lady I talked to said I must pay $489 a month on student loans or face wage garnishment. She said I was in default so I had to pay what she told to me to pay. When I told her I would call the department of education, she said they wont talk to me, that I had to go through her and she was not offering me a lower payment.

I told her I could not live on that and she said thats not her problem. When I was not agreeing to that absurd payment, she said she had to transfer to me a supervisor who likewise told me that $489 a month was the lowest he was doing and said I should be thankful he is even doing that. He then asked for my debit card for my first payment. I said I wasnt giving it to him.

He then asked why. I said I dont have it and he asked when I would have it. I told him I dont know and he said that was unacceptable. I told him he would just have to accept it.

It turned into a shouting match and I finally hung up on him.

He kept calling back threatening to garnish my wages, seize me bank account, etc. Unfortunately, he can make my life *** and I cant do a thing about it

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