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I send a payment on the 3rd of every month a for some reason you haven't received it yet? I sent it to the Main Office in Rancho Cordova,CA And this is the 19th of Aug, so I would like to know why it has not been posted on to my account 2160345471?????

Does it take that long for you all to post someones money on to there account if you are that slow you better find some body who can do a better job.It's really bad when your agent calls you and says to you that they haven't gotten my payment when I know that I sent it to you on the 3rd of Aug. Thank you Ms Clark

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Some of the complaints I see in these threads are beyond moronic. "I previously sent my payment in the mail, why isn't it posted yet?" "Are you that slow"?

That might be the stupidest complaint I've seen, Ms Clark. Check with the postal Service moron. Was it a money order dip ***? Put a trace on it?

Was it a check?

Has the check cleared your account? People are so stupid.

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